What is the purpose of virtual backpack and where can I find information about it?

Virtual backpack is to store your resources in case of a server wipe. However, in our servers there is no intended future wipe. Currently, you can use them to store your items as you need.

More information about virtual backpack can be found with the command /vb help or you can get more information about it from;

PDA>Empyriopedia>Zucchini Universe>Virtual Backpack Mod

How can I vote for the server and how often do you change the rewards?

In order to vote, you need to follow the voting link provided in PDA section. Simply follow this order:

PDA>Empyriopedia>Zucchini Universe>Voting Rewards Mod

The votes are renewed weekly and you can get additional info about voting by using the command /vote help.

I am looking for certain type of resources, where can I find information about where to look for them?

You can find information about resources in PDA section. Just follow this order:

PDA>Emyriopedia>Project Eden: Frequently Asked Questions>Resources

Because of the weight limit, I am not able to carry heavy items on me. How can I overcome this problem?

In order to be able to place a heavy item or pick up a heavy item, you need to be connected with a container. You can connect with a structure either through accessing it when it is in range of a Logistic Network or accessing it physically.

Whether you access a container through hitting F4 or physically, you need to click on the CONNECT button (as shown below) in the Logistic menu.

After that it will be possible to place the item in your toolbar to use it as needed. You can switch between your manual toolbar and connected toolbar by pressing T.

If you have further question feel free to ask in the server. You can get in touch with the community either throughout the game or through our Discord channel.